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About Nino Estrada

Sydney photographer specializing in portraits, glamour, wedding and events.


Timeless, creative, artistic images at its finest.


It’s often said that a picture is worth a thousand words. If that is indeed true, then a quick look at Sydney photographer Nino Estrada’s body of work will lead you to believe that he has written countless works. Each and every image is stunning in its detail and tells a story that lives on long after the shutter of the camera has closed. There are touches of beauty to be found in every part of the pictures that Nino creates, much in the way you find life in the tiniest details that sit between the brushstrokes of a painter.


Photography, when done properly, is indeed a high art form that can turn ordinary everyday sights into something dramatic and wonderful. That is not something that a photographer can do right away, as it usually takes years of training and practice to get to the heady levels at which Nino Estrada is working at today. Like all forms of art, the best works come from the passion that the artist feels for his craft, all of which is clearly visible in whatever subject Nino turns his trained eye towards. You can almost hear the whisper of the wind in his landscape prints, feel some emotions looking at his portraits, find a deeper meaning to his editorials, smell the spices in his food photographs, and hear the joyful laughter of the people in his wedding photography shots.


While there are some who are sure to find the above statements overly effusive, they are necessary in showing just how important it is to have a professional photographer capture your most important moments. There are glamour and wedding photographers to be found all over the Sydney area, but there are few that can deliver a portfolio as varied and alive as that of Nino Estrada. These special moments are something that you will want to be able to look back on for the rest of your life, and there may be no better way to do that than by soaking up the beautiful images created on your special day.


Pictures can serve as the perfect complement to the stories that you tell about your great moments in life. They add a visual dimension that will breathe color and vibrancy into the words that you speak. Things that you may have forgotten will be brought back to mind when you see them laid before you in the glorious detail that Nino is able to paint on photographic paper. Those tiny details may be forever lost when left in the hands of a less skilled photographer.


Quality comes at a price, but it’s one that is well worth paying and rates are very fair and reasonable. Nino believes that developing a relationship should be the most important part of his work or any project. That is why so many clients return time after time when portraiture, glamour, artistic editorials, weddings or some special event is on their minds. They now understand just how well Nino Estrada delivers, which is why they depend on him to write the story of their lives in timeless images.



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